6 Phone Apps That Aid in the Home Improvement Process

Home Improvement Process

Do you recall the day you moved into your house or flat? Even if you thought it was perfect at the time, you’d want to change it later. Home improvement is an ongoing process. Style trends shift, new materials and technologies become fashionable or obsolete, or you simply want to renovate your home – all of this is now more than possible. It’s also one of the reasons why home improvement apps are so popular.

The only question is which to select. We have several ideas for you. There are some that are more general, while others are tailored to specific goals (such as picking the furniture or trying colors, etc.). Your personal needs and ideas will influence your decision. In this review, we will look at various types of applications to help you determine the best app for home renovation. Let’s get started.


It is, perhaps, the best-known application created for those who want to use their creativity. The most essential advantage of this application is a huge library of design ideas, all organized by categories conveniently. You can browse through thousands of different interiors for any room, from the kitchen to the bedroom, and also get suggestions for outdoor locations. Save the favored ideas, and you can use them in full or some elements. Besides, Houzz offers you a professional directory of contractors whom you can hire to incarnate your ideas. And there is a furniture store in this application, so you can pick up the pieces and purchase them at once. Note that access to some resources can be restricted, so take care to set up a VPN for iOS and ensure access to such web platforms from your IP address.

Price: Free version and paid subscriptions (from $55 per month).

Home Depot

This popular and extremely functional application for home improvement offers a library of ideas, an augmented reality feature, and a directory of local contractors. So, users can check for plenty of ideas and “try” them to see how an item would look in your room. Further, they can either implement these ideas or hire contractors if the plans are big to involve the entire house.

Price: Free

RoomScan Pro

This solution is one of the more specialized home renovation apps – its goal is to help you design the floor plans. It also uses augmented reality (AR) for room scanning and even allows you to get precise measures. Moreover, this application can scan landscapes and outdoors in the same way and let you create floor plans for them too. The ready plans can be saved, printed, sent by email, and exported as image files.

Price: Free with the possibility of in-app purchases

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iHandy Carpenter

This application was designed for those who prefer doing the home improvement works themselves. It is a toolkit of five digital tools – a plumb bob, the surface level, the steel protractor, the steel ruler (supports inches and centimeters), and a bubble level bar. This way, you can replace a toolkit of several physical tools with one iPhone. Besides, as these tools are internal and won’t require access to external platforms, you won’t need any additional enhancements like VPN apps (though having them is very handy in many cases). The toolkit is helpful for both beginners and experienced specialists.

Price: One-time payment of $1.99


Handy (not to be confused with iHandy Carpenter) is the application for those willing to hire professionals and have the job done. In this aspect, Handy is the best app for home renovation – it offers you a database of contractors with different specializations. You can hire people who do all kinds of tasks, from floor installation to room cleaning. Besides, it lets you find and hire TV mounting specialists too. You can get the devices installed and configured, including VPN configurations for the routers. Select the provider (for example, VeePN offers the “full package” of solutions for all OS and devices), and the contractor you hire will apply it to your TV system. Such services are also in high demand. Another feature is the furniture shop which includes free delivery and installation services when you purchase the piece.

Price: Free and paid subscription at $10 per month

DIY Tip Genius

The application is the product created by The Family Handyman Magazine which targets those who prefer DIY home improvement. The specificity of this application is that it provides users with practical tips on doing various tasks, from painting walls to landscaping. You may say this application equips you with knowledge only the professionals usually possess. Even a beginner can make use of their experiences and get the most useful tips regarding any task.

Price: Free, with the possibility of in-app purchases


Dedicated applications can help you at many stages, from offering ideas to helping you with the smart TV system. The best app for home renovation may not turn you into a professional in design, but it is certainly worth trying. Most of such solutions have free versions or a free trial to let you evaluate the capacities.

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