6 Ways to Avoid Being Cut When Using Bolt Cutters

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Bolt cutters are excellent tools for cutting metal chains, locks, cables, and even bolts. The most popular lengths are 18-inch and 24-inch. They’re fairly simple to use, but if you’re not careful, you could injure your fingers. I know this from personal experience. Bolt cutters have been around since the 1800s and are used to cut chains, padlocks, wire mesh, bicycle locks, and other metal objects. However, if you aren’t careful when using bolt cutters, you could injure your hands or fingers.

As a result, always look for the best-selling bolt cutters. This can happen if the tool slips out of the chain you’re cutting or if you’ve locked your hand in the bolt cutters’ grip. Here’s some advice to keep you safe when using bolt cutters.

1. Wear safety gloves

If you don’t have gloves, there’s a chance that your hands could slip on the handles of the bolt cutters, causing them to come down on your fingers and leaving you with a bloody mess. This is even more likely if your hands are sweaty or wet from rain or snow. Wearing gloves will help prevent this from happening. Don’t open the jaws wide enough to fit your hand in between them or you’ll increase the odds of getting your fingers pinched when closing them back together again.

2. Use the Right Size Bolt Cutter

The first and most important thing you need to do is make sure you’re using the right size bolt cutter for the job. If your cutters are too small, you’ll have to use more force, which increases the chance of injury. When closing the jaws on a lock or cable, make sure they’re lined up correctly with the object you want to cut. If they aren’t properly aligned, the handle could swing away from you and hit your hand before the jaws have fully closed on what you’re cutting; this will send pain shooting through your fingers!

3. Use the Proper Cutting Technique

If you don’t use the proper technique when cutting with bolt cutters, they can easily slip while under pressure and cause a serious cut. Try not to close the bolt cutter handles all at once because this will cause more pressure on whatever is being cut and could easily result in more pain than necessary.

6 Tips to Help You Avoid Getting Cut When Using Bolt Cutters - bolt cutters

4. Close Your Index Finger Behind the Cutter’s Handles

To reduce your chance of getting cut by your bolt cutters, always remember to close your index finger behind your cutter’s handles before squeezing it shut. This will help prevent your finger from slipping into the cutter’s blades if it happens to slip while under pressure or if it slips while being closed. If possible, wear a pair of safety glasses as well.

5. Use eye protection

When using bolt cutters, the last thing you want is a piece of metal flying into your eye from your tool. Always use eye protection when using such devices. Make sure the cutting edges aren’t dull – If the cutting edges aren’t sharp, that means you’ll have to exert more force in order for them to do their job properly—and that also increases your chances of slipping up and cutting yourself instead.

6. Keep the handles together when not in use

This one seems obvious, but if you don’t keep the handles of your bolt cutters together when they aren’t being used, they might actually snap back and hit you or someone else when they’re released from their open position. Always wear protective gear when using bolt cutters. Safety glasses should be worn to protect your eyes from flying debris and sparks created by the friction between the blades and the object being cut. When cutting high-voltage cables, wear electrical gloves as well to protect yourself from electrocution in case of an accidental contact with live wires.

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