What is Composite Decking?

Composite Decking

Composite Decking Explained

According to the Cambridge English Dictionary, a composite is a material made up of different substances. As a result, producers mix virgin or recycled plastic with wood fiber and chemical additives. When it comes to installing composite decking, there are two options. First, you can choose between an uncapped wood composite and a capped wood composite. As the woods are exposed, the uncapped wood composite is more susceptible to mildew and mold. Capped wood composite, on the other hand, provides more protection because the woods are sealed in a plastic shell.

Are There Any Problems You Can Face With Composite Decking?

While some homeowners and builders have reservations about using composite decking, it is still a viable option. The first issue is that wood fibers can absorb moisture. It can also fade or stain as it swells and becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. So, even with synthetic substances containing chemical additives. The decking is still vulnerable to some factors that can cause the wood to deteriorate. There have been reports that composite decking can cause persistent mold, sunlight issues, and delamination.

It is known that the plastic shell used with capped wood composite is also a risk of mold as it has no adequate airflow or regular water exposure. The boards can split and peel with thermal contraction and expansion. Furthermore, the composite can weigh more than lumber, bending, or sagging. Another concern is that it can become slippery when wet and fades or stains quickly with time. But as with any product, including wood, this can also happen, but it does have many advantages.

The Advantage of Installing a Composite Deck

Okay, now you might feel discouraged and concerned about installing a composite deck. But the material has come a long way, and many things have changed since it was first invented. That is why you can find a totally synthetic composite material today. Manufacturers reinforce using fiberglass; the substance used in the decking is high-density polyethylene. Hence, the entire shortcoming is overcome by utilizing this material. Thus, it can outperform any other type of composite decking. 

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