When it comes to building a new home, price should not be the only consideration.

Factor When Building Your New Home

​While designing your house, selecting the contractor, and during construction you’ll be faced with hundreds of decisions. ​From the choices of floor coverings, tiles, bathroom fixtures, kitchen cabinetry, counter tops, light fittings and much more. It’s important to always focus on costs and know what your budget allows. However, it’s also important that your focus on costs doesn’t drown out other essential factors. Just because something is on sale or much cheaper than another item should never be reason enough to choose the product. Purchasing Building Materials For Your Home Building Project

The Cheapest Contractor or Material Might Not Be Best For Your House

When making your decisions you should consider:

  • The quality. You should never be tempted to purchase something that’s of an inferior quality, that’s unreliable, or which is damaged already. Do you really want to include a chipped bathroom fixture or cracked tile in your bathroom? Do you really want to install an air-conditioning unit that fell off the back of a truck?
  • If the product is suitable for the house? Will it match the architectural style and the other materials you purchased? Nobody should be choosing a countertop or tile solely for the reason that it’s the cheapest.
  • Is it what you really want?
  • Is it practical? Are you wasting money or adding value with your home renovation?
  • Is it really going to be the cheapest decision after you’ve factored in all the other costs, such as transport, installation and running costs?

The Wrong Decision Could Ruin Your New Home

​Unfortunately, frequently owners become so focussed on costs that their new home becomes a mishmash of clashing ideas and colours which have been selected purely because they were the cheapest or the products were on sale. The vision of that dream home with your favourite colours could turn into a nightmare containing colours that nobody likes, least of all when they’re mixed together. Of course this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t purchase items that are on sale, or use second-hand items, rather that these should be appropriate and fit the house’s style and décor without compromising quality. Nor should you be so fixated on a brand or particular item that you overlook or ignore products and materials which are cheaper, but which will be just as suitable. 

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