What You Should Know About Autumn Remodeling Projects, Ask The Contractor

Autumn Remodeling Projects

The leaves are changing color, and snow may be on the way soon. It’s time to adjust the snowblower, and to tuck the lawnmower away in the shed’s back. However, there might still be time to complete your unfinished summer projects and even squeeze in a couple more before the snow starts to fall. We discussed what kinds of projects are best for this time of year with our resident expert.

Q: What are the most important house tasks to do in the fall?

A: Before getting too excited about an extensive remodeling project, remember to focus most of your attention on getting your home ready for winter and ensuring that your heating system is in working order. Consider scheduling a heating inspection if you haven’t yet this year.

Fall is perhaps the best time of year to schedule a home energy audit and take steps to increase your home’s energy efficiency. Now more than in recent years, the better your home is equipped to handle winter temperatures, the more money you’ll save on energy bills this winter.

If your home has endured storms this summer, now is an excellent time for a roof inspection to determine if any damage has occurred. Pre-winter roof repairs or replacements can help avoid costly ice-related problems.

Q: Can you remodel your house in the autumn?

A: The simple fact that most homeowners are wrapping up their summertime remodeling projects this time of year means that contractors’ schedules start to open up. That’s good news for those who were a little less than quick to get started. Cool October weather is ideal for installing new, more efficient windows or putting up new exterior siding.

If you’re uncertain that completing an outdoor project is possible, turn your attention indoors, where there are always decorating projects, and room remodels to enjoy.

Q: What are the best remodeling projects for fall?

A: The best fall remodeling projects start outdoors while the weather is cool and finish indoors when it’s nice and warm. As always, consider projects with a high return on investment potential. Room additions are a great example of a project where your contractor can pour the foundation and build a weathertight structure before heading inside to wrap up before the holidays.
If a room addition isn’t on your wish list, basement and attic remodels both have high ROIs, and neither of them will catch you exposed to inclement weather.

Q: What remodeling projects should wait until spring?

A: Major landscaping projects are best left for springtime when the ground thaws once again. Autumn is also cutting things pretty close for pouring a new concrete driveway or sidewalks. Let the ice-melt salt do its damage for one more season before making those investments. It’s not impossible to pour concrete in cold weather. Extra steps to keep it from freezing are necessary, though, which could mean paying a higher price.

Q: What happens if it gets too cold to finish a remodeling project?

A: Weather is unpredictable in the autumn, so the fact that it can turn and catch you in the middle of a project is real. The best approach to lessen the risk is to be prepared. Keep a few extra dollars in the bank for emergencies and save a couple of work vacation days in case you need the extra time. In extreme cases, you may have to wrap things up at a good stopping point, such as after the house wrap is on and wait for warmer weather.

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