Most prevalent commercial electrical issues that a Handyman can fix

Handyman can fix

A business or property manager can run into some of the trickiest issues when dealing with commercial electrical issues. Without the necessary knowledge and experience, repairing electrical and wiring systems could result in further problems and costs.

A significant amount of electricity is required to keep a business building operational, especially if your services encourage customers to come to your location. Therefore, even a minor problem could prevent you from continuing with your business.

That being said, whether you’re a business owner or an employee, you shouldn’t neglect to add electrical inspections to your building maintenance. It might cost you more than you can imagine if you ignore it. It even increases the risk for those who use your building.

Common Commercial Electrical Problems a Handyman Can Resolve

Even though you religiously maintain your electrical systems, problems may still occur. Below, we list common commercial electrical problems that can happen once in a while, and luckily, they can be fixed by a handyman from Prestige.

Flickering or Dimming Lights

We often ignore or treat lightly those flickering or dimming lights. This type of problem doesn’t usually affect the productivity rate, so long as they get to continue their tasks as usual. However, ignoring this type of situation may cause you more problems in the long run.

The most common cause of this problem is poor wiring connection to the circuit. Sometimes, it can easily be fixed by changing the light bulbs. Still, getting help from a handyman may solve the problem if you are unsure of how to replace bulbs.

Unprotected Wirings

Wirings are the central connectors of electricity in every fixture and appliance in your building. Keeping them unprotected can lead to many complications. In worst-case scenario, this may even cause fire on your building. Don’t take these unprotected wirings lightly and install proper protection for safety.

Dead or Worn-Out Outlets

It is common knowledge that through outlets, a gadget or appliance works. Along with the wirings, the outlets are the ones that power electricity that light up the building. If you’ve plugged your appliance in an outlet, but a specific outlet doesn’t work, you may have what is aptly called a dead outlet.  

Aside from dead outlets, you may also suffer from worn-out outlets. Some indications that you have worn-out outlets include:

  • Plugs falling out
  • Discolored outlets
  • Cracked wall outlets
  • Flickering lights
  • Burning smells

If you’ve encountered any of the above inside your commercial building, don’t ignore them and fix them immediately. Leaving these outlets unmonitored may even cause you electrical fires and will take a toll on your expenses.

Heated fixtures with sparks

Like dead outlets, this is also one of the most common commercial electrical problems any building owner can encounter. This electrical problem can easily be detected as heated fixtures can be felt by anyone inside the building.

Once you’ve tried plugging in your machine or appliance, see if there is a spark – which may result in burnt or melted wires. Getting heated fixtures and sparks whenever you are using your building appliances can indicate that there is a problem with your electric systems.

Wrong installation of electrical fixtures and outlets

Some electric fixtures and outlets that are improperly installed may cause you and your business to suffer financially. Letting these issues pass by lead to underperforming machines or broken appliances.

Try to be hands-on when planning your electrical systems to avoid any mishaps that may affect your business. Otherwise, you can double-check your electrical plans and discuss them with your handyman for further consultations if you need a licensed electrician.

Tripping Breakers

Encounters with tripping breakers usually happen if a specific room supplies electricity more than it should. For example, you are running 15 computer sets instead of the recommended 10 computer sets. This will lead to breaker overloading and cause tripping. 

In some cases, tripping breakers also lead to power interruptions that hugely affect the entire workforce’s productivity and performance. Other signs of tripping breakers are short circuits and ground faults. Don’t ignore this problem as it could increase your building’s risk of catching electric fire. 

Have a Trusted Handyman Solve your Common Electrical Problems.

We all know how electrical problems can affect our businesses daily. At Prestige Property Services, we take pride in providing business owners expert handyman support to help them solve their electrical problems in a timely manner. 

Meet Some of Our Top Handyman Service Professionals.

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