Summertime Hardfloor Maintenance Advice

Hardfloor Maintenance Advice

Winter maintenance on hard surfaces is essential. Every property manager who manages hardwood floors detests dripping coats and wet shoes. You have to remove snow and dirt as soon as someone enters the room to prevent them from spreading inside. However, maintaining hard surfaces in the summer is just as important. Here are some pointers on how to maintain those floors’ good looks as the seasons change.

Clear sand quickly.

Did your guests just come from the beach? Clear sand immediately, as it can ruin your floor finish if dragged around. Ask them to keep those flip-flops outside or hose them off before bringing them inside.

If sand does get inside the lobby, do not try to sweep it. Vacuuming is the best way to remove sand without damaging your floors.

When it’s time to mop, apply a specially formulated cleaner for hardwood floors.

Minimize moisture

Your young tenants decided to cool down in the pool one hot afternoon. They then run around with squirt guns, water balloons, and wet clothes.

Like sand, water can damage your hardwood floors, so mop up quickly when their playtime is over. Make sure everyone is dry before heading back to their rooms.

Humidity can be a problem during the summer months. Air conditioning can dry out the air, causing humidity levels to rise. Moreover, when it is at its peak, humidity can make your hardwood floors expand. Therefore, get a dehumidifier and keep those humidity levels within the 30% to 50% range.

Contact a flooring specialist immediately if you notice any swelling or shrinking on the hardwood.

Pay attention to high-traffic areas.

Summer means more outdoor time! And this means more people are in and out the door. Dust and grime can scratch your flooring so pay attention to hallways, lobbies, and other high-traffic areas.

Stop dirt at the door.

Hardfloor maintenance not only involves cleaning, waxing, and polishing your floors. You should stop dirt right at the door by putting mats at entrances. Ask your guests to leave their shoes outside, especially high heels that are tough on your floor.

Wrap all furniture legs with felt protectors and change them when they get worn.

Clean up accidental spills quickly, especially if there is broken glass. If your property allows pets, make sure their humans cut their pet’s nails regularly.

Apply the right cleaning products.

No matter the season, always ask your custodial staff to apply special cleaners made specifically for hardfloor maintenance. These cleaners are wood-friendly and will keep your floor finish looking its best.

Better yet, go green! Instead of detergent or wax, opt for organic cleaners such as olive oil and vinegar. A word of caution about vinegar: it is not recommended for extended use due to its oxidizing effect.

Remember that wood and water do not mix. So, do not pour water if you have to clean up dirt and stains. Wipe with a damp cloth instead.

Vacuum the right way.

While mopping can be effective in removing dirt, proper vacuuming is better when working on hardfloors. Remind your staff to always attach the bare floor tool so as not to scratch the wood.

Apply a protectant.

An necessary part of hardfloor maintenance is adding a layer of protection to your floors. While cleaning often is critical, a floor protectant will help keep your floors scratch-free.

Avoid direct sunlight.

Along with the hot summer sun comes longer, more intense ultraviolet rays. Exposure to harmful UV rays can result in fading or discoloration of your wood floors. Keep the curtains or blinds closed during the day to keep sunlight out.

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