Halloween Decorations and Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Halloween Decorations and Pumpkin

Mr. Handyman has had a lot of fun with Halloween in recent years. We’ve created a slew of free pumpkin carving templates as well as Halloween decorations and tips for carving pumpkins with power tools. The tips below make it simple to find Halloween décor inspiration. We gathered a few of our favorite finds from Pinterest and other websites to share, as well as a collection of the many ideas and tips we’ve shared over the years. Merry Halloween!

Outdoor Halloween DecorDIY Coffin With Skeleton -This spooky lawn decoration could be made in no time with just a pallet and a Halloween-store skeleton, as well as the necessary tools.

Halloween Wreath – Follow this tutorial to make a burlap wreath. It tells trick-or-treaters, “We want to scare you in style.” Furthermore, the materials will last for several seasons.

Halloween Wreath -Check out this tutorial for making a burlap wreath. It says to trick or treaters: We want to scare you with style. Also, the materials will last for several seasons to come.

Mummy Lanterns -Dress up outdoor lanterns with gauze and googly eyes for a fun welcome.

Indoor Halloween Décor

How cute-er, we mean scary-are these:

  • Halloween Garland -Made with different Halloween-themed ribbons, they make an excellent family project.
  • Trick or Treat Banner -Simply print this banner out!
  • Ghost Buntings -Tissues, string and cotton balls. Another fun craft for the kids.
  • Halloween mobiles -This involves printable templates and just a few craft supplies. Easy peasy.
  • Also, this ghost family made of gauze is adorable. Choose the décor project, whether for inside your home or outside, that best suits your level of craftiness.

Halloween Fun With Pumpkins We offer 24 free pumpkin carving templates on our blog, from bats and black cats to jack-o-lanterns of varying degrees of scariness. Simply download and get to work. We also include step-by-step instructions that tell you which tools to use for the best results. If you like instructional videos, we have those, too: Get additional pumpkin-carving ideas for 2014 or combine your love of Halloween and power tools . In the latter video, we show you how to use a jigsaw to cut the lid off a pumpkin. We also clue you into a product called the Pumpkin Gutter, which you can attach to a cordless drill to empty the inside in no time at all. Coring bits are also your friend when carving pumpkins. For more pumpkin inspiration and how-to’s, visit our all things pumpkin page .

  • Tips for Pumpkin Decorating With Kids
  • Pumpkin carving typically involves sharp tools, which are not kid friendly. There are other ways to get the little ones involved in decorating pumpkins, though.
  • Chalkboard Paint-This product available at your local home improvement store gives kids a creative outlet that does not involve knives. Simply give them a pumpkin, small roller brush and tray filled with the paint, and chalk. The best part of this craft? You don’t have to gut the pumpkin! Get more tips on using chalkboard paint to decorate pumpkins.
  • Cookie Cutters-Halloween-themed cookie cutters and a rubber mallet can also replace the need for sharp tools. After you cut off the top and empty the pumpkin, kids place the cookie cutter against the outside and tap with the mallet until it pokes through. Get more info on using cookie cutters to carve pumpkins.
  • Don’t Throw Out the Pumpkin Guts

While it might be tempting to toss what comes out of the pumpkin during carving, why not put the guts to use? You can make roasted pumpkin seeds. Pull off as much of the stringy mess as possible and place in a bowl. Mix with melted butter or olive oil for a plain seed, or you can go sweet with brown sugar or spicy with chili powder. Pop in the oven for 20 minutes or so at 375 degrees F, and you have a tasty treat for all ages.

Have a happy and safe Halloween!

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