Top Three Projects to Finish Before the Holidays

Projects to Finish Before the Holidays

“Christmas in July” conjures up images of poolside celebrations that seem out of place with the long, lazy days of summer. But at Garman Builders, “Christmas in July” means something entirely different…

July is an excellent time to start that home improvement project you’ve been putting off in order to enjoy your new space this holiday season. If you’re planning a kitchen renovation or expanding your living space by finishing a basement, why not start now? You and your family will reap the benefits of your foresight by December!

Here are our top three renovation projects that are great for entertaining and hosting guests and can be completed in six months:

#1 A Finished Basement

Many homeowners dream of having more living space: for an in-home office, a playroom, a home gym, an extra bedroom … or all of the above! One cost-effective and underutilized spot that can be used to create these areas is the basement. Finished basements have come a very long way from the days of drop ceilings and faux paneling. Top-notch basement projects incorporate the same finishes you’d see in the main level of the home – drywall, millwork, smart flooring, detailed finishes, built-ins, kitchenettes, stylish lighting … there are very few limits to what you can do with a spacious basement canvas!

#2 Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Remodels are a perennial favorite renovation for good reason. The value of a livable, highly functional and beautiful space is, well, hard to quantify. It’s the heart of the home, the default spot for family to gather, and garners daily use. While a kitchen remodel is an investment, it’s one that can be recouped. Remodeling your kitchen tops just about every list for cost recovery when it comes to resale value. 

#3 In-Law Suite

In-Law Suites are gaining popularity as geographically spread out families look to create private spaces for houseguests – especially those that may visit for extended periods.  Enter the popular In-Law Suite. Attached additions, built within existing living space (such as a garage or basement conversion) are the most budget-friendly option. An attached addition, perhaps connected by a breezeway, provides even more elbow room between homeowners and their visitors, while a detached, fully separate new build would provide the most separation. In-law suites can be as simple as a bedroom with perhaps a small sitting area and an en-suite bathroom or include a kitchenette and living area, too. Regardless of the elaborateness, in-law suites are here to stay and can increase the enjoyment of visits by allowing both the host family and guests a bit of privacy when needed. 

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