The 2023 Trends in House Design are Smaller Yet Cozier, Peaceful, Aesthetically Pleasing, and Inflation

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In 2023, there will be significant changes in home design. Some of these design fads will be affected by fresh, innovative ideas, while others will be shaped by the financial realities that inflation and increasing interest rates put on budgets. Many recent home buyers may try to make improvements and alterations to their properties by embracing fashions that have a significant impact on a minimal budget. Younger prospective homeowners could be willing to accept concessions regarding size and facilities as long as they have enough money left over to personalize their new home. As a result, the key concept in 2023’s home design trends is a smaller, cozier, more tranquil, and aesthetically beautiful home.

What’s trending in 2023?

1. Making the Most of Tiny Spaces

Alcoves, nooks, and corners will be redesigned in 2023 so that they are no longer seen as merely boring locations to ignore or display disregarded framed photos. By including visual interest or creating a small area for working, reading, or writing, designers will draw attention to the space. Although in a way that improves the experience, art will still be present in certain spaces. These newly designed little spaces can also be the perfect alcove for stashing your keys, dropping the mail, or serving as a small family hub when you’re on the road for individuals without an art collection or who want to make the most of their space.

2. The Accent Wall Gets Creative

The accent wall, hastily constructed by many people who were working from home in the early stages of the pandemic, will go beyond the virtual background or the Zoom-ready bookshelf (really, we all know you’re not lounging on the beach with Snoop). The accent wall receives a makeover and a unique twist in 2023. It has become a requirement for many people who work from home, as well as a chance to show off your uniqueness. Additionally, the accent wall guarantees having a room in the house that is constantly Instagram- or TikTok-ready for individuals who are constantly looking forward to the next image or video to publish on social media.

The great thing about an accent wall is that you are not limited to just paint. You can use materials like stone, brick, tile, wood, and even wallpaper with its new designs and vivid colors that can make that wall pop out and make a bold and original personal statement. The idea of an accent wall will not be limited to a place for video meetings and for posting to social media. Instead, expect homeowners to add creative and well-designed accent walls elsewhere in the home to instantly give any room a makeover worthy of ‘sharing.’

3. Floating Sinks/Vanities — Small Bathrooms Get a Makeover

Some homeowners who were considering downsizing are now rethinking their decision and searching for methods to add extra room or a more open feel to their residences. The kitchen and bathroom will be one of the first rooms where they will start, and floating sinks and vanities will be very popular in 2023. Floating sinks/vanities do not rest on the floor, in contrast to the conventional vanity. They can be cleaned more easily because they are wall-mounted.

Floating sinks come in all shapes, styles, and sizes, so your options are endless.  Additionally, they can really open up a room and give the illusion that the room is larger than it is, which is perfect for half baths or smaller full baths. 

4. Wood, Wood, and More Wood

Homeowners and designers are in love with the beauty of natural wood, and it is obvious in the latest designs from architects and house designers. Whether homeowners are using it for interiors or exteriors, wood can be designed to fit any style or budget.

From gorgeous architectural details on a home’s facade or stunning interior accents such as wood beams or accent walls, the boundaries of the use of wood have no limits.

5. Goodbye Modern Farmhouse, Hello Modern Bungalow

The modern bungalow overtakes the modern farmhouse in 2023 as millennials and other younger homebuyers pay more attention to this kind of property. Bungalows are primarily one-story buildings under 1,500 square feet in size, yet they are nevertheless quite popular due to their attractive exterior and affordable cost. The modern bungalow distinguishes itself from the extremely traditional bungalows of the past, however, with higher ceilings, a more modern open floor plan, larger bathrooms, and a 21st-century façade.

Modern bungalows are often less expensive to build than other homes because of their lower size and straightforward, one-story architecture. First-time buyers and empty nesters will choose smaller, more energy-efficient homes as a result of rising mortgage rates, supply-chain problems, and rising costs across almost every market sector.

6. Herringbone Pattern

You are aware of how eagerly we anticipate new flooring trends. However, this style is a design that may be applied to a door, a wall, or even a floor! It is quite tolerant of individual style because homeowners can use any material they like.

This 2023 style incorporates patterned hardwood flooring from 2022 into many other sections of the home, from tile to wood. This can be observed in kitchens, doors, and bathrooms.

7. Butler’s Pantry (aka Prep Pantry) — A Must-Have in Kitchen Design

For those who are unfamiliar, a butler’s pantry is a separate “chamber” that is usually situated away from the kitchen or dining area so that homeowners may store the unattractive kitchen goods, such as filthy pots and pans, out of sight when hosting guests. Doesn’t that sound magical? These magnificent spaces are evidently not just in our heads because they are making a comeback. Designers are incorporating these gems into new houses since kitchens are used for entertaining so frequently these days. This way, even the most devoted at-home chef can host a party while the kitchen looks presentable.

There is no requirement for a large butler’s pantry or for it to include all the conveniences.

8. Colorful Spaces

In 2023, color returns in a number of ways with a tribute to nature. We discussed biophilic design last year. The idea of bringing the outdoors inside is reflected in the color trends for 2023. You can’t help but imagine a luscious meadow of flowers beneath the shade of a magnificent blue sky when you see the lovely tones of green, blue, and lilac.

These colors will be embraced by homeowners, who will utilize them as accents on pillows and other furniture pieces all over the house. These pops of color will be a welcome addition given the prevalence of muted colors among homeowners. We hope that this pattern lasts for a while!

9. Are You Sure that’s the Mudroom?

Mudrooms have been around for a while, but they are becoming bigger and more elegant with each passing year. What was formerly a useful location to remove your muddy boots, hang up your coat, or remove those muddy sports jerseys has been changed into an area that appears much too lovely to accomplish any of that!

Since the mudroom is now a living area rather than a storage area, it can now be designed and decorated to seem just as lovely as the rest of the house. Homeowners will spend more on the mudroom design while also enlarging it, including wall art and chandeliers.

10. The Aesthetic Look

Back in 2021, we concluded the “aesthetic look” would end up being a nichey, short-lived fad. It looks like we were wrong. In 2023, we expect the aesthetic look/room to continue to grow and remain around for a while — so worth adding it to our house design trend list.

What is the current aesthetic fashion? Anyone under the age of thirty will respond fast, albeit probably not with a meaningful response. To begin with, the aesthetic room can be any area in the house where you can express your personality, though frequently it will be the bedroom, living room, or bonus room. The aesthetic look, which gained popularity initially among TikTok users, can be described as an attractive room style inspired by and decorated with genuinely personal touches that are also “on-trend.” Accordingly, the room must not only be aesthetically pleasing but also reveal your distinctive personality and include trendy ideas.

Homeowners utilize plants (hanging or potted), vivid or subdued wall colors, comfortable quilts, and other decorative items to assist create the desired style.

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